August 19-21, 7:30pm,
August 22, 2:00pm

Golgotha is a monodrama about Albert Salvado, a Holocaust survivor from Thessalonica who, in the winter of 1943, was sent with his wife and daughters to Auschwitz, where they were killed while he survived. For 60 years he has lived, in Israel, with his loss and guilt. On the eve of finally honoring the Thessalonican Jews at the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem (45,000 of the 50,000 members of the Thessalonican Jewish community perished in the Holocaust), Albert suffers yet another blow that causes him to relive his time in the camp. This production featuresthe live musical accompaniment of MU violin Professor Julie Rosenfeld, and Lydia Redding. For many years they were the violinists in the award-winning Colorado String Quartet. Their playing - before, during, and after the play - adds greatly to the dramatic power of this story. It also features the lighting design of Heather Hatton and the direction of Al Dabiri. Aaron Krawitz plays Albert. The show is a one-act lasting about an hour.