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Talking Horse Productions is proud to present the Original Monologue Contest: Season Two! Video performances will be available beginning May 1, 2021 and will run all month.  Check back daily in May for updated donation totals and new submissions!

Theater Lights

How It Works

Submissions for Talking Horse Productions' Original Monologue Contest: Season Two begin May 1, 2021. Review the submissions at your leisure and be sure to donate to your favorite videos by clicking the "Donate" button. When inputting your donation please enter the name of the monologue in the note section just below the dollar amount you wish to donate so that our team will know which submission should receive the credit. 

Your donations decide the winner! 

Every dollar you donate counts as a vote for your favorite submission. New videos will be posted throughout May 2021 and are eligible for donations as soon as they are viewable. After all monologues have been posted there will be a final donation period until June 13, 2021 at 11:59pm for audiences to place their final "votes." Once the final donation period has closed, the donations will be tallied for each submission. The submission that raised the most money will be declared the winner and will get to keep the amount they raised split evenly between the writer and performer. 


Waning Gibbous

Written By: F. J. Hartland
Performed by: Ed Hanson

$ 1090.00


Written By: Ward Kay
Performed by: Lorrie Evelyn Furrer

$ 610.00

Obits and Pieces

Written By: Pam Munson Steadman
Performed by: Rich Olsen

$ 135.00

For the Best

Written By: Maggie Gallant 
Performed by: David McSpadden

$ 110.00