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Original Monologue Contest & Fundraiser

Talking Horse is once again looking for original monologues from writers to be performed online for a special fundraising campaign.


Our audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece and the winner will receive a cash prize!*


What do we mean by monologue?

In theatre and literature, a monologue is an extended speech by one character in a story. In theatre, it typically includes the verbal delivery of a character’s thoughts or speech to another character. 

The 2022 Original Monologue Contest entry should be three to seven minutes in length and may include any topic.

Who can participate?

This contest is open to any writer and actor. Monologues will be recorded and shared via our website and social media. Also, any fan, member or interested party (audience) can participate in the judging!



How can I get involved?

  • ACTORS AND WRITERS – Register today to participate in our third season at:

  • WRITERS – Following registration: submit your original monologue (3 to 7 minutes in length) concerning any topic of your choice to with the subject line "ORIGINAL MONOLOGUE CONTEST - SUBMISSION."

    The entry must be the sole original work of the person submitting the written monologue. With the submission, the writer confirms ownership and control of the original work.

    Entries should be formatted for easy reading following the style guidelines defined by the Dramatists Guild of America modern play format.

    Monologues will be recorded and shared via our website and social media. All submissions are due JULY 20, 2022.

  • ACTORS - Interested actors should complete the registration form at:

    Once all written submissions have been received, actors will be randomly assigned an original monologue to be memorized, performed, and recorded no later than August 26, 2022.

  • AUDIENCE – Spectators choose the winner! Submissions will be shared independently on Facebook with a donation link to Talking Horse Productions.  The video that raises the most money for the theatre will receive a cash prize split evenly between the actor and writer. So, all performers, writers and fans are encouraged to share their preferred video with family and friends. 



Important Dates

  • July 1 – 20, 2022: Writers and Actors register to participate

  • July 20: Monologue submissions due on or before July 20

  • August 1: Registered Actors are randomly selected and matched with a monologue

  • August 27: Video submissions of monologues performed by actors due

  • September 1- September 30: Daily videos are released via Facebook throughout the month for viewing and voting

  • September 1- October 7: Voting (donations) occur daily via Facebook

  • September: All monologues are posted throughout the month on the Talking Horse Website for viewing

  • October 8: The winning monologue is announced!



  • The monologue with the highest donation is proclaimed the winner. Donations from the top performing monologue are split between the playwright and actor.



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