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She Wanted Me

Premieres September 11
Written By: Marj O'Neill-Butler
Performed by: Raynesha Green

Tulips and the Last Supper

Premieres September 12
Written By: Helen Cheng Mao
Performed by: Kirstin Bellman

Star Trek vs. The Seagull

Premieres September 8
Written By: J.J. Steinfeld
Performed by: David McSpadden

Family, Not Home

Premieres September 7
Written By: Sheridan Singer
Performed by: Natalie Botkins


Premieres September 10
Written By: F.J. Hartland
Performed by: Ed Hanson

Nina LaFey, Licensed to
Sell Poisons and Drugs

Premieres September 9
Written By: Lee Lawing
Performed by: Nancy Franklin
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