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Meet Your Actors: Natasha Myrick

Please welcome Natasha Myrick to her first Talking Horse production! She has lived in Columbia for four years, and has been acting around town for three. You may have seen her onstage at Maplewood Barn in Shrek the Musical and Godspell, or offstage as vocal director for CEC’s production of Little Shop of Horrors this past summer, and as choir director at Christian Fellowship School. This well-rounded performer also has her own cupcake business: Mama T’s Cupcakes, which was featured in Feast Magazine earlier this year. Yum!

Read on for more insights from this fabulous soprano!

What was your musical training?

I started getting vocal training at the age of 11. I continued my training even into college, where I studied opera, cello, music theory, ear training, and music history for five years. My college training was from a professional opera singer and coach. I have had some really fantastic vocal coaches throughout my years of training. I even offer vocal training now. I've also played cello since age ten. I received training from then up into college as well.

What is your relationship to the original story of A Christmas Carol?

I always remembered The Muppets version of A Christmas Carol. It always gave me the creeps! Especially the ghost of Christmas past and future. I never really started understanding and appreciating the meaning of the story until college, and I made sure to watch it every Christmas...whatever version I could find! The story really came alive for me a few years ago when I had the opportunity to see it at Arrow Rock's Lyceum Theatre. It is such a moving and humbling story about opening your heart and really enjoying and appreciating life and those around you. It's about overcoming obstacles and healing from your past. There is a lot of rich, deep meaning in this story. Life is much to short and beautiful. Holding in bitterness and anger will keep you from experiencing so much life has to offer.

What was the first theatrical event you remember seeing? What was memorable about it?

I grew up around theater and loving theater, but there are a couple that really stick out to me. I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat when I was elementary school aged. I saw Cats at the Twilight Theater in Kansas City when I was in middle school (maybe younger). I remember just being enthralled and fascinated with what was going on onstage and wanting so much to be a part of it. Those are the first two live shows that really impacted my desire to want to be on stage.

What do you want the audience to know about the arts community in CoMo?

The arts in CoMo are just booming. They are really well supported by the community, and there are several places for people wanting to get involved.

What is your favorite non-theatre thing to do around town?

Jazzercise is absolutely my favorite thing about Columbia, MO. I have the most fun when I'm there, and it is a killer workout. The community at Jazzercise is also really wonderful.

Versions of A Christmas Carol are traditional for families to view around the holidays all over America and the UK. What is your favorite holiday tradition from your childhood or more recently?

There was this old claymation Christmas special that my parents taped so long ago. I remember growing up watching it on VHS around Christmas every year. Traditional Christmas movies like Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Charlie Brown Christmas....I enjoy watching all of them. Putting up the family Christmas tree is always a fun tradition too. Even though I'm married now and haven't lived with my parents for several years, I still look forward to going over and helping them decorate the family Christmas tree.


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