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Thanks for your interest in performing for Talking Horse Productions' Original Monologue Contest: Season Two! 

Requests to perform have now closed. 

Request to Perform

Thanks for submitting! If selected, you will receive a monologue to perform by March 29, 2021.

Theater Lights

Rules and Details

1. Actors will be assigned a monologue to perform by March 29, 2021. 

2. Actors must perform the monologue as written. No editing for content or censorship unless otherwise directed. 

3. If recording on a phone, it must be recorded in landscape mode. 

4. All submissions must be performed, recorded, and submitted by April 28, 2021 at 11:59pm.  Late submissions will not be accepted. 

5. By submitting your work to this contest you are consenting to your work being hosted on this website and the social media account of Talking Horse Productions. 

Your request to perform will be reviewed by our team. (Please note that due to the popularity of this contest it may not be possible to allow every actor to perform. In this event, considerations will be made for performance history.) If your request to perform is accepted, you will be randomly assigned a monologue for performance. You will not know who the writer of your piece is and should refrain from guessing or contacting the writer if known. You will then have until April 28 at 11:59pm to perform and record your piece. Video submissions will then begin May 1, 2021 on our FaceBook page as well as this website. Once a video is posted, patrons may begin casting their "vote" for their favorite monologue by donating to the theatre through the provided means. After the final video submission is posted on May 31, 2021, a final donation period will continue until June 13, 2021 at 11:59pm. The video submission that received the most donations will be declared the winner and the amount raised for the particular submission will be split out evenly between the actor and the writer.     




Define Your Character

Creating a great performance requires answering 3 questions. 1) Who is the person speaking? 2) Who are they speaking to? 3) Why are they speaking now? 


Start Early! 

Once you've been assigned a monologue, you'll have over 4 weeks to prepare. Memorize your piece early to refine and practice recording. 


The Camera is Your Friend

Your camera is the second character in your monologue. While the audience can't see them you should be able to talk directly to them and picture their reaction. Don't forget to shoot in landscape mode! 


Use Your Environment

Set the scene. Include your own props, and wardrobe and customize your recording area. Transform your room into your character's space.  


Share Often

Encourage your audience to look for your submission on the date that your piece is scheduled to premiere. Share the FaceBook or website link on your personal social media, website, or e-mail.  


You're It! 

Be sure to tag "Talking Horse Productions" in social media posts to reach out to our local audience. Be sure to also tag your friends and family in the posts you'd like them to see. 


Set a Goal

While we won't be able to track donations live, our team plans to update frequently in the final donation period. Encourage your fans to donate a specific amount. Our last winner took home over $500! 


Have Fun! 

Use this contest to promote your own work to friends and family world wide! The more attention your submission grabs the better. This is a great time to highlight new skills and techniques!  


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