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Auditions for the April production of NOW IS THE TIME will take place Saturday, February 3 at 2pm at Talking Horse.



A Musical by Trent Rash & Audra Sergel

Director: Juliana Frey-Méndez
Music Director: Jeremy Wagner


NOW IS THE TIME is the musical journey of four interconnected souls and close friends who are living their human, everyday, complicated lives. After experiencing a shared tragedy, we watch them struggle, learn, and grow over the course of a year. Their songs allow us to peek into their experiences in grief, love, humor, and self-acceptance. Their journeys are funny, real, from the heart, and honest. This group of humans is also entering mid-life. We see them finding themselves entangled in a web of history, love, compromise, death, regret, and rebirth. It is a story of our collective, shared humanity: it begs us to embrace the real and true sense of the beauty in ourselves and our community that we all encounter as we process grief, love, loss, triumph, illness, conflict, and hope. This musical begs each character to search out their own darkness, embrace it, and bring it to the light. It encourages them to hold tight and fight for their community, ultimately holding them together through tragedy and struggle. And they learn, as we do, that we are never alone; now is always the time to choose love and light.


CLAIRE (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) soprano/mezzo with strong mixed, belt*
The younger sister of Seth and the granddaughter of Gertie. She has issues with control and perfectionism, and this affects her relationships. She tries to hold the group of friends and family together, but it is too much for one person.

SHANNON (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) soprano/mezzo with strong mixed/belt*
A schoolmate of Claire’s and a longtime family friend of both Seth and Claire. She, like Seth, struggles with alcoholism. She attends AA meetings where Laverne is her sponsor. She is dealing with a mountain of debt, a consequence of her addiction and a recent divorce.


SCOTT (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) baritone*
The fiancée of Kyle. He was once in a long-term relationship with Seth. He has a severe image problem stemming from the fact that he struggles with his weight.


KYLE (mid 20’s-mid 40’s) tenor*
The current partner and fiancée of Scott. He is full of energy and loves the “finer” things in life (fashion, culture, etc.). The most open, authentic, and centered member of the cast of players.


SETH (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) bari leaning/tenor*
The older brother of Claire and grandson of Gertie. He had a problem with alcohol abuse. He was gay and had been in a relationship with Scott. He appears in the majority of the musical in flashbacks after his sudden death.


LAVERNE (mid 30’s-mid 40’s) mezzo/alto*
A wise and wise-cracking woman who has lived through it all. She now likes to try to help people reclaim their lives by imparting her wisdom about life. She was/is the sponsor of both Seth and Shannon and leads an AA group that both of them attended.


GERTIE (mid 60’s-mid 80’s) mezzo/alto*
The grandmother of Seth and Claire. She was once a spitfire of a woman who loved musical theater, but Alzheimer’s Disease has stripped her of the majority of her memories, and she now lives in an assisted living facility. Seth and Claire moved in with her after their parents died when they were in high school.


Two female-identifying persons (any age) Vocal range flexible
Two male-identifying persons (any age) Vocal range flexible


* A Note on Vocal Range: The ranges of characters may be adjusted.



Monday- Fridays (no Wednesdays) 7:00-9:00 pm beginning Thursday February 22nd
Performances: Friday April 19th-Sunday April 21st; Thursday April 25th-Sunday April 28th; Thursday May 2nd-Sunday May 5th.



Please prepare:
Two contrasting 32 bar cuts for all singers: one showing strong belt and the other showing strong mixed-high range. There will be an accompanist in the audition. **Please make sure that all music/cuts are in a three ringed binder with cuts clearly marked**

A monologue (1 min max) OR select 1 of the attached sides to read from.

Please sign up for a time slot on Saturday, February 3rd. We will hold callbacks on Sunday, February 4th.

Video submissions will be allowed if you are unable to attend February 3rd. Submissions should include:
two contrasting 32 bar cuts: one showing strong belt and the other showing strong mixed-high range.
A Monologue OR recording reading of one of the sides

For questions, please contact Juliana at

Audition form:

Sign up for time slot:


Music Cuts- please familiarize yourself with your part (SATB):

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