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Long Form Improv 

The Stable Boys are a long-form improvisation comedy group that create a unique show made up on the spot each night they perform! Audiences never know what to expect as The Stable Boys play games and use suggestions from the attendees to create characters, scenes, and scenarios sure to make every one laugh! 

Meet the Stable Boys:

Mark Baumgartner 

Dana Bocke

Chris Bowling

DeeDee Farris
Stacie Pottinger

Trent Rash

Craig Yager

What is long form improv?

Great question! Most people have heard of improvisation comedy through the television show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" The actors on that show specialize in short scenes usually in the context of a game. Long form improv requires the performers to put together an entire show based on interconnected scenes and characters suggested by the theme of the night or by audience members. Some fan-favorite themes have been; Disney, horror, and Hallmark romance. 

Check out the Stable Boys!   

Shows Begin at 7:30pm 

All Tickets are $10

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