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This Guy

Premieres September 29
Written By: Holly Fawkes
Performed by: Mel Pugh

Proud of
My Name

Premieres September 30
Written By: Bruce Karp
Performed by: Enola White
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Confessions of a
Cat Rescuer

Premieres September 26
Written By: Diann Stelzer
Performed by: Celina Castleman

Night in Tunisia

Premieres September 25
Written By: Scott Sickles
Performed by: Trent Rash

Why Women
Live Longer Than Men


Premieres September 28
Written By: Marjorie Williamson
Performed by: Nora Dietzel

Aunt Marys

Premieres September 27
Written By: Andrew Martineau
Performed by: Carolynne Wilcox
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